About Bixie Studios


Meet the designer

I'm Linda, a self taught Brooklyn-based artist/jewelry designer. 

My designs are inspired by many things, from ancient objects to Indian textiles, Moroccan ceramics to medieval miniatures. Travel has always played a large part in my life, and influences from global cultures are clearly apparent in Bixie designs.

I bring that passion for art, design, and culture to every Bixie piece.  


What is a Bixie?

I get asked that a lot. 

The name "Bixie" came about when I realized that a little Chinese dragon-like statue who lived on my mantle was actually called a"Pi Xiu" (Bixie in English).  Turns out this little guy - who I always had with me when I moved from country to country - is considered an auspicious Chinese mythical protector with a voracious appetite for gold and silver. 

So I adopted him as my *own* powerful protector. He's a perfect mascot for a line of contemporary talismans.  



Each piece is handcrafted in 100% solid sterling silver right here in New York City, with passionate attention to detail. 

Everything comes with a hand silk screened box (I do that too!!) and linen inner pouch.


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Info, Special orders & Contact

If you have any questions about Bixie Studios designs or the jewelry please send me a note.   

If you're interested I can also custom make any of my designs in gold (or any other metal), please contact me if you have questions.   

I'm also happy to talk about doing special orders for wedding party gifts. There is a special pricing structure for multiple (6+) pieces.    I believe deeply in online privacy and will NEVER share your email address or other contact information with anyone.