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Home to the Moulin Rouge and synonymous with parties, decadence (and absinthe!), the "Montmartre" pattern captures the ebullient fin de siècle spirit of those long ago Parisian nights. Bring a little bit of this joyous spirit to your day with the Montmartre pattern.


The vast interior of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (or Constantinople, as it was then) glitters with the gold and colored glass mosaics of Byzantine artists. Istanbul was the first city outside of Northern Europe that I ever visited, and the sheer lavishness of the history there made a lasting impression on a young woman. Celebrate a time when craft brought the heavenly to earth and opulence was the norm.


Ah, Venice. Where the color and extravagance of the Carnevale di Venezia bring a joyful escape from the everyday, where social differences are eliminated with masked pageantry, and joie de vivre is celebrated. The "Venice" design captures the dichotomy of flamboyance and elegance, celebrating gaiety and pleasure in the finest of Venetian traditions.


The full moon parties on Koh Phangan, Thailand are legendary; I was fortunate enough to be there, long before they became well known - the "Kho" design reminds me of those pulsing beats and the incredible energy. Nights to remember. If you ever see me with a dreamy grin, I might be thinking fondly of an island in Thailand when days blurred into each other and time didn't matter.


A name that evokes the exotic. Where westerners on the hippie trail seeking enlightenment stopped (and sometimes, stayed); where hash, VW buses, and music all mixed into one groovy blend. Nod to the seeker in yourself by carrying a bit of the groovy with you, with the "Goa" pattern.

St. Tropez

Azure skies, white yachts, and a clear cerulean sea...St. Tropez is as much an experience as a place. Have a seat and enjoy an aperitif (al fresco of course) while people watching on the beach; ah, summer in the South of France! I've been lucky enough to spend some time there, once, a long time ago; but the memories of the sun, breeze, colors and people remain. The "St. Tropez" pattern is inspired by the bright colors and bold shapes of my memories there.


They're here, they're there - they're everywhere; and then, they're gone. One day, a huge cicada dropped off the tree in front of me; such a big, beautiful bug! She's now immortalized in the "Lehigh" pattern, with all her other Cicada friends, emerging for an oh so brief time to grace us with their presence. Celebrate her arrival, and look forward to her future re-arrival, as well.